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Welcome to Monero Hill

Discover Your new opportunities for Fast, Stable and Reliable anonymous mining!

Monero Hill News:

11.04.2018: On Monero Hill we launched a new pool Monero v7 PoW. We invite the miners to mine Monero with a new version.

19.01.2018: Pool Monero Hill invites the miners to search for the first three Monero blocks. Each miner who has taken part in the search for these Monero blocks will receive an additional bonus of + 10% to the reward for the payment for each block. The bonus is calculated to the amount transferred by the pool to your wallet.

Pool Features

  • PPLNS mining system - better payouts for loyal miners.
  • Greatly optimized stratum pool engine and cryptonight module, the small reject ratio and the best vardiff possible.
  • Maxmimum transparent and detailed stats.
  • Monitoring of every rig via email.
  • Per-Worker hashrate charts.
  • No registration required.
  • PaymentID payments for Exchanges.
  • Your own payment thresholds for normal wallets + exchanges.
  • Every hours payments.
  • Proxy support:
    - XMR-Node-Proxy
    - XMRig-Proxy
    - HAProxy

Mining ports

  • xmr.minerhills.com:3333 - Low-End Hardware (Up to 30-40 h/s).
  • xmr.minerhills.com:5555 - Medium-Range Hardware (Up to 160 h/s).
  • xmr.minerhills.com:7777 - High-End Hardware (Anything else!).
  • xmr.minerhills.com:9000 - Claymore SSL
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If you need support or have complaints and suggestions about our pools, please contact us.

Pool Config



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Minimum payout (Wallet)

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Minimum payout (Exchange)

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Minimum Denomination

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